Cherry Wood veneer Lampshade

A project that started with the question 'I wonder how much light would pass through veneer?' ended up with this striking lamp and base. I wanted to make a lamp that would be constructed completely from wood (excluding the lamp holder) with a strong asian feel to it. Veneer is very thin and flexible and can be bent into tight curves and cylinders. The problem is how to keep it in that shape without it flexing back again. Also due to it's thinness it can split along its grain - especially when close to a source of heat! A low energy 7watt LED bulb removed the heat source and choosing a flexible veneer with a special paper backing ensured that the veneer would not split.

Client: Exhibition Piece (for Sale) ~ Materials: Cherry Veneer, Ash and Natural Edge Sycamore
Dimensions: H400 x W240 x D240mm. 

Cherry Veneer Lampshade