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Commission Me

Commissioning a piece of furniture is a partnership between client and maker. The starting point is different for everyone. You might want a kitchen dresser but need advice on what style would fit the room. Maybe you’re looking for a feature coffee table with a natural edge but aren’t sure what type of wood might work best. Or maybe you have measurements and drawings ready to be turned into the real thing. Whatever stage you’re at, we can look at the project from all angles and decide on the best way forward.
At a first meeting we’ll discuss your ideas, talk about design styles and view my portfolio to develop a clearer picture of your requirements. An explanation of the different types of wood and their characteristics is important to find the right match for your piece. It’s also useful to get an indication of budget at this stage as this can be a deciding factor when designing a piece.

Each piece I make is unique, which means it’s not easy to list set prices. As a rough guide, a coffee table might come in at £600 to £1600. A dining table is likely to cost between £1500 and £3000. While a dresser or cabinet might cost from £2000. The level of detail will make a difference – drawers are time-consuming to make because you have to cut dovetails and get the fit just right, so the more drawers you have, the higher the price is likely to be. The main thing to remember is that the initial consultation costs nothing. I’m always happy to discuss ideas and I can give you an idea of price at an early stage.

Once we’ve agreed the design brief, I’ll then work up an initial set of drawings and an estimate for your approval. Revisions may be required to finalise the details as the design evolves. When we’re both happy with the design and the price, a deposit is required and I will give you a timescale for completing the project. When it’s good to go, I’ll be in touch to arrange delivery and fitting, if required.
Wood is a natural material and as a piece acclimatises to its new home some adjustment may be required. I’ll provide advice on how to take care of your new furniture and keep it looking its best for years to come.