Unique Ash Console Table

I came across the board that forms the top of this unique ash console table while I was sorting through a kiln-load of wood several years ago. It was the only board that had gaps going all the way through it and I knew I had to have it. The unusual appearance was formed by two separate tree limbs growing together – a process known as inosculation.

To elevate the board in this Oriental-inspired design I created a floating top over a geometric tapered base in darker olive ash wood. This created a contrast between the organic top and the clean, contemporary base. The drawers bring the two styles together, with precise dovetailed drawer boxes featuring organic sycamore forms on front.

Creating this ash console table was all about elevating a board of natural edge wood into an exhibition quality piece and getting the balance right between organic growth and measured design.

Client: Exhibition Piece (Sold) ~ Materials: Ash & Sycamore
Dimensions: L1100 x H800 x D350mm approx.

Ash console table with a one-in-a-million inosculated wood top

Console table drawer open showing half blind dovetails.

Olive ash table frame, sycamore drawer box and natural edge ash veneer.

Two tree limbs growing together created this inosculated ash wood 

Unique grain pattern of inosculated wood.