Natural Edge Elm Coffee Tables

The original commission for this trio of natural edge elm coffee tables required built-in versatility. The tables had to work individually; they had to line up together to create a larger display table; and also be strong enough to use as stools. Finding the right feature board to use on top was essential – the ideal piece of wood would have natural edges, knots, cracks or other interesting features that could be highlighted and filled with dovetail keys or stitching.

I’ve now made several variations of the original design, all in burr elm. The later versions were to be used solely as coffee tables rather than stools - this freed me up to create legs with an elegant, arched shape as well as moving the dovetail joints to the ends of the boards. This means that when the tables are lined up they align perfectly, giving the impression of four legs on each side instead of six.

The underlying design principle is the same in every set of coffee tables, but each one is unique and defined by the top feature board. Nature is the driving force, resulting in one design with infinite variations.

Client: Private Commission(s) ~ Materials: Various including Elm, Ash & Burr Sycamore
Dimensions: L1200 x W450 x H400mm approx. Individual component tables are 300 to 400mm in length.

Natural edge coffee tables in burr elm with dovetailed arch legs.

The original commission piece coffee table / side table / stool hybrid with solid panel legs.

Coffee table layout

Dovetail leg details in Burr Elm table top

Side table layout

Natural edge coffee table in Ash

Finding the right board can be a challenge...