Mid Century Burr Elm Side table

The inspiration for this side table came from the desire to combine a mid-century design sensibility with the sculptural organic elements of natural edge wood. Burr elm is a favourite material for woodworkers, due to its incredible grain patterns. (Burrs are the unusual growths you sometimes see on the sides of trees and they’re a response from the tree to damage or disease.)

The piece of timber used in this burr elm mid-century side table was actually one of three I rescued from the firewood pile almost 10 years ago. The design features a crisp and elegant frame with curved legs and rails complete with a floating table top. Special details include traditional wedged tenons on the bottom of the legs and pegged tenons at the top. I’m pleased with this new take on mid-century design and the finished piece has a natural warmth that I really like.

Client: Exhibition Piece (for Sale) ~ Materials: Burr Elm & Walnut
Dimensions: H650 x W650 x D700mm