Riverside Mid-Century Oak Chest of Drawers

The aim of this piece was to design a chest of drawers in a mid-century modern style which would encompass natural edge wood, showcasing its organic characteristics. Named after a huge oak tree that came from the Riverside area near Jedburgh Rugby Club, the chest of drawers is made of quarter sawn character oak and features thick burr sycamore natural edge veneers which have a light colour and smooth feel.

Through dovetails were used in the cabinet construction with mitred corners added to the front edge keep the lines clean and crisp. The sycamore veneers were consecutively cut from the same board and applied to the drawer fronts they provide the organic edge that I was looking for and also a sense of depth. To complete the piece, cedar panelling was used at the back which gives off a subtle aroma whenever the drawers are opened.

The end result is a real statement piece which has attracted lots of positive feedback at shows. I’m happy with the way it works and see it as another success in terms of marrying mid-century modern design with natural edge wood.

Client: Exhibition Piece (for Sale) ~ Materials: Oak, Sycamore and Cedar
Dimensions: H1275 x W800 x D400mm. The drawers are sized at 150, 180 & 210mm from top to bottom.


Chest of drawers with natural edge veneers in a Mid Century style.

Matched veneers on the first, third & fifth and second and fourth drawers

Drawer box in oak and sycamore with half blind dovetails.

Dovetailed cabinet with mitred front corners

Mid century inspired leg detail on chest of drawers