Burr Sycamore Natural Edge Hall Table

This burr sycamore natural edge console table represented a major departure in how I approach my work. It essentially involved stream of consciousness design – I chose a piece of work and the design evolved as I went along, rather than starting out with set drawings or a specific aim in mind. The piece was designed for an exhibition and the turnaround time was tight, so I had to trust my instincts and make decisions quickly.

A striking piece of burr sycamore with creamy white new growth and warm orange heart wood formed the top of the table, with elm used for the legs. I wanted to use dovetails in the joinery and this led to the decision to make an asymmetrical piece. Lots of interesting details developed along the way, including a waterfall joint edge to the table, a dovetail butterfly handle on the drawer box and walnut butterflies on the top.

I enjoyed the freedom of working in this way and the piece sold quickly, reinforcing my choices. It was a key piece in my development as a designer maker and has had a big impact on subsequent designs and my way of working.

Client: Exhibition Piece (Sold) ~ Materials: Sycamore, Elm and Walnut
Dimensions: H1200 x H800 x D340mm.