Homegrown walnut tables

This commission for set of tables came from a chance encounter with an old friend at Glasgow Queens Street station over 2 years ago. My friend had a neighbour with a walnut tree in their back garden that was due to come down as it had grown too big. Details were exchanged and over the following years I helped arrange for the tree to be felled, planked and carefully dried. The owners were very keen to have something made from it as a memento of the tree that their children had grown up with. Although quite a young tree (in tree years) I felt sure that we would get some usable timber from it. As it turned out the risk was worth taking and the end result was a set of unique tables featuring a homegrown walnut table top(s) and Scottish elm frames. Although not the rich chocolate brown of mature walnut the timber has a lovely woody quality to it and the perfect provenance - from back garden to living room.

The design brief was to create a set of tables that could be used as a main dining table and pair of side tables which could be placed at either end of the main table for family get togethers.