Reclaimed Teak Sink Stand

The first project of 2018 completed and delivered yesterday - a sink stand made from the client's own reclaimed teak and mahogany. The brief called for a simple chunky design with angled legs with a single shelf for towels etc.  

The reclaimed teak looked quite tatty and tired when I picked it up but after scraping and sanding off the old varnish and dirt the lovely rich grain was uncovered. Teak is one of the most oily tropical hardwoods there is and unsurprisingly all the machinery that came into contact with it was coated in an oily residue in no time. It actually machined very well unlike the mahogany -which has a reversing grain. Fortunately the drum sander was ideal for smoothing off the rough surfaces and is a life saver with difficult timber like this. In order to get the thickness required for the tops and shelf I laminated two layers of boards together in the bagpress to give a finished thickness of 54mm. 

Finished with a penetrating oil (Osmo Extra Thin) the grain really came alive and the contrast between the chocolate brown teak and rich red mahogany worked really well. This was the first time I've used tropical hardwoods for a whole project and it was interesting to learn a few new techniques. Not sure I'd be keen to do more work in tropical timber as I prefer native species but I have to admit that the grain and tones of the wood do look pretty cool.