Maths lesson over - banjo stand finished

It took a while but I finally got the banjo stand finished. It's made from oak with some nice merrino wool felt as protective cushing. There's also a nifty latch, that locks in place using magnets, to hold the neck in place.

banjo stand

Burr elm wall clock

It's amazing what you can find when you tidy up the workshop. This lovely piece of burr elm was left over from a project I made four years ago and I'd forgotten all about it. When I moved workshop before christmas I found it again and decided it would be perfect for a clock.

The wedge shape was dictated by the tapering dimensions of the board so I kept it as wide as possible and added the curved profiles to each end. There's a little bit of natural edge breaking the edge on the bottom left side - I like the slight imperfection this gives and it balances out the cluster knot at the top right. The clock is ready to be wall mounted but it would also work stand mounted on a mantel piece or shelf.

Burr elm wall clock

Food Platters

Are they cheese boards, bread boards, chopping boards? I like to call them food platters as they can be used for practical and decorative purposes - perfect for a gourmet cheese selection or for chopping parsley.

This group are all in elm and have an unusual dark brown flash of colour. They're finished in a food safe oil that is non toxic and gives a good degree of surface protection. The smallest is about 200mm in length with the largest about 350mm.

Elm food platters
Medium food platter
Large food platter
Small food platter
Medium food platter

DVD storage system for home cinema

A set of stepped shelves designed to fit into the combed ceiling of the clients home cinema room. This attic space was accessed via two flights of stairs - with this in mind the shelves break down into two seperate units that fix together in the middle pair of uprights.

The clean open backed design features curved uprights that are staggered to match the pitch of the roof. Locally sourced elm was used throughout with a satin hardwax oil chosen for the surface finish.
Installed: December 2014

Natural edge coat racks

Three new coat racks made from some nice natural 'waney' edge elm. These are the first I've made by resawing a thicker board into two book matched pieces. This gives a mirror image and creates beautiful symmetrical grain patterns. The dark pegs are made from walnut and the lighter colour ones are birch. I think I'll be making some more of these in the future...

Elm coat rack with walnut pegs
Elm coat rack in elm with birch pegs
Elm coat rack with walnut pegs